Poetry by Jeff Green


Never alone

by cricketjeff on August 28, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

When my eyes are not half open and my mind is unaware
I can feel you sitting by me running fingers through my hair
When I’m not quite lost in dreaming yet I’m not quite wide awake
All I know is that your presence is the answer to an ache
When my sighs are shy of yawning but my breathing’s deep and still
Mere suggestions of your perfume bring my body such a thrill
You are all I know each evening and you’re in the morning’s light
When I feel you give the answer then I know it must be right
In the deepest darkest silence you’re the voice I always hear
In a crowd of half a million every word you say is clear
When I try to write a poem you are there to guide my hand
When a mystery unravels you are there to understand
And I know it’s most peculiar as we’ve never even met
But if ever you should leave me I may perish with regret