Poetry by Jeff Green


In an English suburban garden

by cricketjeff on August 29, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

There’s a robin in the garden singing songs to pay for bread
There are sparrows fighting hard for yet more seeds
And the blackbird on the garage sends his songs right through my head
That’s the way he pays for all his fam’ly’s needs

There are blue tits on the feeder till a great tit takes his turn
Bloody pigeons always try to steal the lot
Baby starlings hunting insects have an awful lot to learn
While the song thrush won’t agree to leave his spot

There are magpies, there’s a jackdaw and we sometimes see a jay
And a woodpecker or two as they pass though
Once a partridge broke his journey and politely said “good day”
A few years back we saw a hoopoe too

An garden set in England is a paradise for birds
I wish I could do them justice in this medium of words