Poetry by Jeff Green


Bedraggled affairs

by cricketjeff on August 29, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

It was raining at the bus stop as she waited for the bus
Early mornings in the rain are Hell on Earth
He was late and in a hurry and his boss would make a fuss
But missing her was more than life is worth

In the wind her old umbrella wouldn’t keep martini dry
So her hair fell down in very soggy strands
But bedraggled and unhappy she was perfect in his eye
And I know that every reader understands

Pulling over he addressed her, “can I offer you a ride”
She was wary but the rain came down in sheets
So she thanked him for his kindness and she quickly climbed inside
Told him she was late for work at Crazy Pete’s

So he changed where he went lunching and she gave him extra teas
And she didn’t buy a bus pass every week
They grew closer every morning and with every toasted cheese
(which was better for romance than his physique)

Soon they shared a flat together as they shared a ride to work
Sharing kisses and a passion for the rain
If their love is ever waning he will ask her, with a smirk
If she wants to wait in thunderstorms again!