Poetry by Jeff Green


Fat Bottomed Girls

by cricketjeff on August 31, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Each night he dreams of sweet fat bottomed girls
Jamaican sun where booty shakes on cue
An afro or a waterfall of curls
And curves that say “There’s girl enough for you”

Fat bottomed girls who love to be admired
Could lead him into hell without a care
Their lovely shape will see his passion fired
He loves a girl with lots of rump to spare

The magazines are full of fashion’s best
Such gorgeous girls and all are pert and trim
But many men prefer to see the rest
A skinny shape will not appeal to him

It’s better when she’s got a bit to hold
A callipygian girl must win the gold!

Author notes

The title (from the Queen song) was the prompt.