Poetry by Jeff Green


Painting by lunchtime

by cricketjeff on September 1, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

I’m sitting on the grass and watching children playing cricket
There’s martins overhead and starlings hunt behind the wicket
The toddlers on the swings can watch their mothers sit and talk
While a sheepdog and a collie take their owner for a walk

I’ll eat my bacon roll and watch the swallows going crazy
The breeze is rather strong and now the sunshine’s getting hazy
A helicopter buzzes and I think that batter’s out
The small boy who’s been bowling has the most amazing shout

A lorry on the road is stuck its driver’s getting shirty
I think it’s full of beer but hard to tell because it’s dirty
Another group of kids arrive with footy on their minds
The lady picking berries is amazed by what she finds

I’ll close my eyes and listen to some music for a while
And think about you waking as the thought will make me smile
I wonder if they’d notice if I stay out here all day
The problems at the office seem a million miles away

It’s time I started back there though my ego looks reproving
There’s just one darned good reason why I’m happy to be moving
The park is so relaxing and I feel that I am free
But back inside the office I can make a cup of tea!