Poetry by Jeff Green


Tory and her Princess Lilly

by cricketjeff on September 2, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

An angel isn’t from beyond the grave
The best are friends who’ll walk the final mile
You met a girl so beautiful and brave
And for a while you showed her how to smile

A girl who thought no-one was there to care
Found you gave all that anyone could give
The wealth of love you were prepared to share
Showed Lilly that there was a way to live

So short a time to turn a heart around
She laughed for you when tears were what she’d known
Before the end your little princess found
That she would never have to be alone

It’s right to weep, a child deserves our tears
But Tory, you dispelled an angel’s fears

Author notes

Please read this poem and the author’s note. It is a very sad and very heartwarming tale. Tory (PassionsPromise) made the last few days of a lovely little girl happy instead of desperately lonely.