Poetry by Jeff Green


The night’s tale

by cricketjeff on September 3, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Now the Moon sails round and perfect adding silver to your eyes
As you sit across the table mouthing love songs to my sighs
Though are friends are all around us there is no-one we can see
In a daydream of an evening made for only you and me

Though we started drinking cider you had brandy we could share
As the other couples’s banter lost itself on evening air
We shared chicken legs and burgers at the village barbecue
On that daydream of an evening made for only me and you

There was just a hint of Autumn in the chill that came with night
So we shared a borrowed jacket as the others slipped from sight
Soon I pulled you close and kissed you and you didn’t make a fuss
Was I dreaming on that evening that we two became an us

There was no-one left around us when the Moon became the Sun
And your eyes now filled with gold dust and a hint of stolen fun
When we stood at last embracing there was birdsong in the air
In a dreams of promised romance we two singles formed a pair