Poetry by Jeff Green


Left on the shelf

by cricketjeff on September 4, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

His car, a rusty banger, had been left in quite a state
But he knew he’d found the answer to the problem, decorate!
You wouldn’t see the rust marks if he found a china cat,
A photo of his grandma and a model bowler hat.

On holiday they visited a windmill on a farm
And there they sold small wooden clogs, a perfect lucky charm;
A flatback “dog and owner” and a pewter candlestick,
A wotsit filled with doodahs and a plastic golden brick.

Each ornament a testament to something close to taste
And each one complimentary and most precisely placed.
He has to corner slowly or the treasures disappear
And bumps and roads with potholes fill the driver’s heart with fear.

Last week they went to Walmart where they found the final touch,
Though maybe on reflection it was just a just a bit to much.
When you drive along through Kansas it may come as quite a shock,
If the car in front assaults you with a giant cuckoo clock!