Poetry by Jeff Green


September the 4th 2009

by cricketjeff on September 4, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

The wind sends cloudy veils across the full Moon’s shining face
    And bounces noisy leaves high in the trees
As stars wink in and out as though they’re unsure of their place
    The temperature falls by five degrees

A magpie shows his anger as his roost swings to and fro
    The raucous caw cuts cleanly through the air
While all along the garage passion flowers make a show
    Such gaudy blooms give night a certain flair

September’s brought a flurry of Autumnal weather moods
    Each day has been unlike the day before
Occluded fronts on weather maps chart atmospheric feuds
    And mean we never know what is in store

And I’ve just watched the cricket, needed six to win the game
But we still won the Ashes so there’s not one hint of shame!