Poetry by Jeff Green


What Ho!

by cricketjeff on September 5, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

The terror of a wedding to avoid
And awful Aunts whose cooks can’t take the pace
With reputations easily destroyed
You need a clever man to lead the chase

When Finknottle has lost the will to live
His only love wants Wooster for a mate
Our Bertie doesn’t have a thought to give
You need a clever man to mend the state

The facists in this world make lingerie
And scheme to spoil our heroes savoir-faire
We know who’ll find the way to save the day
You need a clever man to clear the air

A little fish to feed his agile brain
And Jeeves will set his master right again

Author notes

A tribute to P G Wodehouse whose mastery of light English humour has never been equalled, and to his greatest creations, Bertie Wooster, the archetype of the inbred ineffectual English toff and Jeeves, his gentleman’s gentleman, his valet, his butler and his better in all things.