Poetry by Jeff Green


More deadly?

by cricketjeff on September 6, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Complicit in causing the downfall of man
This creature pursues any course that it can
It’s hatching a dreadful and devious plan
The woman’s the one to be feared

Extremely persuasive and cunning as stoats
They seem more obliging than fools chasing votes
But really more deadly than torpedo boats
The woman’s the one to be feared

They’ll show no remorse when they battle and win
The war they are fighting is older than sin
Created perhaps by a cold hearted jinn
The woman’s the one to be feared

I’ve battled a few of these fighters before
And lost every round by a one-sided score
But somehow I’m not feeling bitter and sore
These women are not to be feared

They’re softer than fur on the chest of a cat
More warming in winter than my Russian hat
And better than brandy when you’re feeling flat
With women I’m clearly endeared

It seems I’ve been captured and turned to the bad
I’ve lost all the fight that I’m sure I once had
To tell you the truth I’m amazingly glad
To women I’ve always adhered