Poetry by Jeff Green


I wanted you

by cricketjeff on September 8, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

I wanted you to love me when I read the words you wrote;
You poured yourself completely into every little quote.
I wanted you to feel me when the words were in your pen,
You show me that there’s poetry inside the least of men.

I wanted to be with you when I felt the pain you feel,
You paint the hurting perfectly, make every moment real.
I wanted to have told you, as you waited in your fear,
That I was thinking of you and I’d always keep you near.

I wanted to delight you, telling you such little tales,
That fear would be forgotten as a prophecy that fails.
I wanted, as I always want, to be beside you there;
You’re in my heart inside me so I take you everywhere.