Poetry by Jeff Green


My gods!

by cricketjeff on September 10, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

I love to sit in comfort on a train
Not any train, it must be hauled by steam
I know that soon I’ll see my gods again
Reliving that most foolish schoolboy dream

The dragon’s roar that greets the signal’s rise
The blast of black and then the clouds of white
Magnificently pasted in the eyes
Of worshippers who’ve seen the transport light

We know at heart that steam can’t be the way
For business trips or slogging into work
But living steam can crown a special day
For all those folk who share my little quirk

It warms the globe by several tons a mile
But glorious steam makes this green poet smile!

Author notes

Inspired by The Ten Fifteen by Lulu Gee