Poetry by Jeff Green


The brave

by cricketjeff on September 11, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Some soldiers follow orders without questioning the cause
Prepared to serve their country in its own or other’s wars
Obedience unquestioned they are braver than the brave
But the bravest need a reason for the sacrifice they gave

Some soldiers think their leaders have an insight all their own
And mere mortals shouldn’t question just obey and then atone
They will lay their lives down freely and they’ll kill without a thought
But the bravest sort of soldier doesn’t count himself as naught

Some soldiers follow blindly where their evil leaders lead
Fighting phantoms for religion or to satisfy a greed
They aren’t truly brave, they’re cowards, running scared of doing right
Braver soldiers who oppose them carry thought into the fight

Some soldiers fight civilians killing those who can’t reply
Making bombs beside a roadway throwing planes out from the sky
We can’t claim that we are better if we turn and do the same
Braver soldiers aim their actions at the evil men to blame

On such days as this remember that the best may not survive
But they live inside the mem’ries of their friends who’re left alive
And give thought to those who bravely fight to see who’s left to save
We must mourn for those departed and the bravest of the brave

Author notes

Written on the 11th of September.

Not all soldiers wear uniforms or carry weapons, although I admire greatly those that do. Very often the bravest soldiers didn’t even know they were at war.