Poetry by Jeff Green


When we met

by cricketjeff on September 13, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Was there sunshine when I met you?
Were there children everywhere?
Now you know I can’t forget you
Or the future we could share

If I could paint I’d paint a picture
Of the you that’s in my heart
And it would follow every stricture
Of the rules of perfect art

Were there stars when I first kissed you?
In the time we don’t yet know
There’s a chance I will have missed you
If the heavens aren’t on show

If sweet music was my master
I would write a song for you
Which could not be a disaster
If it held the you I knew

Words I write are just a suture
They’re the stitch that’s saving time
If we haven’t got a future
Then it’s all a pantomime

But I’m just a foolish poet
Cannot sing or sketch a line
And by now I think you know it
What I wish for won’t be mine

All the auguries are gleaming
There’s a place we’ll always meet
You’re the purpose of my dreaming
And you make my dreams complete

Author notes

I don’t think I’ve finished this