Poetry by Jeff Green


The Witch Queen’s Tomb

by cricketjeff on September 13, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

A marble slab holds closed the coal black tomb
A prison for a heartless undead queen
She cheated death by drinking from the womb
The blood of souls still certain to be clean

Her pearl white teeth were stained a ruby red
Her face a cameo of cruelty
With sapphire eyes far colder than the dead
She’s trapped in adamant and can’t get free

Her subjects’ pleas were heard from far away
Ten silent knights appeared to end her reign
Her magic held the sharpest blades at bay
But could not break the knights’ cold iron chain

Her treasure chests weren’t rich enough to save
The Witch Queen from an awful living grave

Author notes

Word bank words used:-

marble, sapphire, ruby, coal, treasure, cameo, adamant, pearl