Poetry by Jeff Green


An invertebrate evening

by cricketjeff on November 16, 2007.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

She didn’t wish her friends to snub
So Milly joined them at the pub
And when she got there Milly found
It was her turn to buy a round
Milly drank a pint of cider
Before an old friend came and spied her
The two of them sat down to drink
Another pint? What do you think!

“Like some dinner?” “That sounds fine”
Better have some good white wine.
Soup, some fish and sorbet later
A double brandy sounded greater!
A pot of tea to wash it down
Then moving on to Newky Brown
So down a pint and then another
Who should come in? It’s her brother

Mark’s a drinker, pints of course
Orders more with no remorse.
Milly isn’t left behind
She’s very merry, doesn’t mind.
Drinking laughing with their friends
Certain actions, certain ends
An urgent feeling urges speed
Quick to the loo where

(Sorry about this folks)


Author notes

OK so I don’t do dark but out of nowhere…