Poetry by Jeff Green



by cricketjeff on September 15, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

He sat each night and waited for a chance
The shelter’s only three pounds for the night
So many passed without a second glance
But every time his smile is so polite

My friend was late so I had time to kill
I watched him sit and ask a little change
He had an empty look, a space to fill
Sometimes a change is easy to arrange

Before we left to eat a little bit
The night was cold and rain was in the air
And twenty pounds can’t change my life one whit
A life is not a life if we can’t share

Much later I was walking for the train
A fuller looking man began to speak
He said he had to thank me once again
And show a hostel pass bought for the week

I hope he found a way back to his feet
And on the train his thank-you tasted sweet