Poetry by Jeff Green


A little bit of perfection

by cricketjeff on September 17, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

From the front she’s pert and bouncy
From the back she wiggles well
When she’s cross she’s curt and flouncy
When she’s not she’s hot as hell
She’s a ginger and adores it
Not the shy retiring kind
Hears the chatter and ignores it
There is much more on her mind

For the girls she dresses smartly
Cute and sexy for the boys
She may toss her tresses tartly
If you take away her toys
There’s a sports car always fiery
And a bike that roars its name
There’s a James who’s tall and wiry
And a Peter much the same

Loves to dance and go out drinking
Wants her freedom and her men
Takes a challenge without thinking
Then she’ll do the same again
For a mate she’d fight a lion
Fight against a mate gone wrong
Underneath she’s quite a shy’un
And her moral fibre’s strong

Never met someone like Mabel?
Nor have I if truth be told
Up for fun yet always able
To compete and win the gold
There’s a little bit of Mabel
Inside everyone I know
With a heart that’s fit and stable
And a smile that makes you glow