Poetry by Jeff Green


This evening in the garden

by cricketjeff on September 18, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Now the pretty peach of sunset’s turned to indigo of night
      And the bird-song’s turned to rustling of trees
Now the apple juice at teatime has become a glass of white
      While I sit and watch the night conduct my ease

There are patterns in the heavens as the stars perform their dance
      To the music that the planets choose to play
While the shadows in the garden hide a hedgehog from my glance
      He has come to eat the slugs and snails today

Unaware that I was sleeping I knew you were by my side
      We discussed the world and shared a cup of tea
But the chilly breezes woke me and your image ran to hide
      There was nobody to share the night with me

There is beauty all around us in the least expected place
There’s more beauty when I’m sleeping and I see your pretty face