Poetry by Jeff Green


When the suns rise high on Dammer

by cricketjeff on September 18, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

When the suns rose high on Dammer
Over blue remembered plains
I was lost inside the clamour
Of the hoosons mournful strains

I was mentally transported
To the mountains where we met
And the valleys where we sported
In the years before regret

When the wars of vile nations
Meant we volunteered to serve
We were sent to different stations
On the Atamarna curve

There were agonies of fighting
And we soon fell out of touch
But I cherish just one sighting
Of the shape I love so much

For a year I held my duty
As our enemies assailed
Thinking only of your beauty
When my heart and courage quailed

In the years since fighting ended
I have searched for you in vain
For the lover I befriended
Long before that time of pain

When we spread our wings and revelled
Over patternatter trees
That the armies bombed and levelled
In that dreadful year’s disease

I have flown across all Dammer
I have read each war report
But I haven’t found you Flammer
Though you fill my every thought

Do your wings still shine each morning
Do you ever think of me
And our home beneath the awning
That’s now lost in misery

I shall search my life and longer
Find the places you would love
For I know you were the stronger
And cannot be lost above

When the suns rise high on Dammer
And the hoosons make me cry
I shall search again for Flammer
She’s the arntip of my eye

Author notes


Take me to another world, make me believe it is real and please, give your world a name.

However this is not “my world” you can see it yourself any night, look up to the left of Polaris (you will need a decent telescope). A faint blue-white star twinkles, if your eyes and telescope are excellent you will be able to see it is not one star but two, the small blue Arnor circles the larger white Mandor every 30 days or so, and too faint for any telescope on Earth to see around that shining pair spins the fair world of Dammer where Oonsip searches for his love.