Poetry by Jeff Green


Just the two of us

by cricketjeff on November 17, 2007.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Shut up tight inside this drawer
Does she need me any more?
Will I have a chance to score?
I do so love my job

    Bloody man has stayed away, when I so need attention
    I think that I will need some help to ease the sexual tension

Light at last, a hand appears
It feels as though I’ve been here years
And now at last some action nears…
I do so love my job

    I want some action down below, in bedside drawer I reach
    Two sites I need to fill with love. I need a toy for each

A hand now holds my centre part
I feel that something’s soon to start
That will involve my special art…
I do so love my job

    Ah there you are my special friend! I’ve missed your touch for weeks.
    So much more than man you bring – and a man who never speaks!

She grasps me firmly, holds me so
Ready for the life I know
Where I can make her features glow…
I do so love my job

    Just a kiss to start things off, all right I’ll suck you deep!
    Then down my body you must go where you know what I keep

I love it when she oils my shaft
It proves my lady isn’t daft
She wants me smoothly in the aft…
I do so love my job

    Ready now I’ll ease you in. Oooo you are the tightest fit
    I think the first rear entry is my very favourite bit

Tight and warm and dark within
Soon the bending will begin
So two entries I can win…
I do so love my job

    Now to get the rest inside so I can feel so full.
    Damn that’s good you fit so well! Now to push and pull.

Motion begins I slide about
Passions started I’ve no doubt
It will be hours before I’m out!
I do so love my job

    Front and back I feel so right; the perfect way to be
    A double dildo working hard and a glass of wine for me!

My jobs is hard, and lasts a while
But I love to see her smile
When I’ve performed in flawless style…
I’m so good at my job

    Start off slow is how I like and then I’ll pick up speed
    Soon be going hard and fast and that will meet the need!

In and out right now I’m flashing
As she towards the end is dashing
Soon she’ll start the final crashing!
Is this the world’s best job?

    Bottle empty, holes are sore. I’ve had a super night
    I’ll put my saviour in the drawer and lock him out of sight!

Author notes

A duet between a lady and her double ended dildo, should have been a partnership but my partner in the erotic challenge is ill in hospital, and we all wish her a speedy recovery.

The couplets should have been written by her in free verse and it wasn’t intended to alternate as I have.

The total is now under the two sets of 30 lines.