Poetry by Jeff Green


Sweet Peter

by cricketjeff on September 21, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

A smiling face and pretty golden curls
You can’t believe he’s ever in the wrong
Another boy threw sand on all the girls
Sweet Peter must have chanced to come along

Those deep blue eyes could never tell a lie
He’s five years old an angel down on Earth
Some other boy has made the baby cry
Sweet Peter would have fought for all he’s worth

What’s that!!! I think it’s only half a worm!
That means the other half must be in me
The thought of it has made my belly squirm
Sweet Peter’s face is filling up with glee

I’m not so sure that innocence is real
Those dimples could conceal a darker side
Has he disguised a tendency to steal?
Sweet Peter could have deeds he wants to hide

But then he smiles and doubt is swept away
It can’t be true his Mother says he’s good!
But after I’ve looked after him today
I’ll be more careful in his neighbourhood!