Poetry by Jeff Green


Alphabetically unbelievable!

by cricketjeff on September 22, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

When Adrian the aardvark bounced by billy cans to bed
He couldn’t care that catatonics cars got there ahead
They didn’t dare deceive the dogs who dragged dolls through the door
As each and every elephant had eaten eggs before
Five fast and fearsome foxes fainted flat as frangipan
And good as geese the golden goats ate greasepaint by the can
It’s hard to help a horrid hoop who has a hippos head
Since If it isn’t igloo-filled it may be ill instead
Why Joseph jumped on jet-black juice Kentucky can’t decide
Lord Lucan left his lollipop on Mumma moo-cow’s hide
No need to nurdle neverminds nor nick a not-a-lot
Old orange opened ostrich oil on Oswald’s ocelot
Pink paper planes put pedicures past poorly purple pings
Quite querulous and quizzical Ruth roared at running rings
Sue’s saintly shoes shone shiningly Toms toes turned turnip green
Uncatalogued umbrella plants were varnished to a sheen
We wept with warbled warthog wheels which wouldn’t whistle well
And xenophobic xanthomas expired before the smell
Yet yellow yachts would yodel home to yell the news to me
So Zebedee the Zulu Bee could zoom the Zuider Zee

Author notes

Write me a rhyming poem with words you wouldn’t usually see linked together . The poem needs to have a rhythm and flow to it, if it doesn’t it won’t win. Your poem doesn’t need to make any sense at all.