Poetry by Jeff Green


The heat of the night

by cricketjeff on September 22, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

His hands had held the unrelenting heat
As sultry day became the southern night
She drank him deep until she lay replete
A tangled mass of tingling delight

No breeze disturbed the air above her bed
But she could feel his fingers moving still
His every movement echoed through her head
She’d let herself surrender to his will

The haunted dark could hide each last regret
But she could not undo what he had done
A tortured gasp beneath each bead of sweat
The dead of night no respite from the sun

She stretched her mind but could not find his name
Could not decode the message of her dreams
He played her mind as though she were a game
And picked apart the stitches of her seams

Will he return to take another sip
She dare not move to break that unseen spell
Her nerves so taught a single fingertip
Would bring her heaven’s touch from silent Hell

Author notes

image is by….Thomas Doering