Poetry by Jeff Green



by cricketjeff on September 22, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Before you was there sunlight? Had the birds learned how to sing?
Were Autumn leaves as gold as early dawn?
Before you were there dewdrops that brought jewels to everything?
In the years before your life was beauty drawn?
In your face I see the moonlight of ten thousand lonely nights
In your eyes the sea rolls on for many miles
And your lips may form the curtain hiding all the finest sights
While the finest of them all may be your smiles

When you walk my eyes start dancing to the music of your feet
To the swaying of your hips and to your chest
If you sit and look toward me then the picture is complete
I have painted out the face of all the rest
So before you started growing how did painters find their art?
Could a poet find a muse before you spoke?
When a sculptor held his hammer who was massaging his heart?
Was there beauty in the World before you woke?

Author notes

I was sorely tempted to make the last two lines …

Like a hammer deep inside me there’s the beating of my heart
When I heard her say “Stop that, you’re such a bloke!”