Poetry by Jeff Green


The Desert Rose

by cricketjeff on September 23, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

A single rose may flourish in the baking desert sun
    Her beauty may assault the tortured sand
Whatever comes to greet her she may answer it in fun
    How many blows can any rose withstand

The night may fall like thunder and the rose may disappear
    But still release the sweetest floral scent
Each crude assault of fortune may produce a silent tear
    In time the gods against her must relent

The pantheon is jealous of the beauty of the rose
    And tries to spoil each perfect petal’s sheen
But beauty is much stronger than the forces science knows
    The rose returns to make the desert green

The rose that stands for passions is too sweet to fade away
I want to stand and marvel at that desert rose today

Author notes

Keep fighting Tory!