Poetry by Jeff Green


Stands the clock at ten to three?

by cricketjeff on September 24, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

There’s a creature zimmy zummy
Makes a sweet that treats my tummy
Very few things are more yummy
So let’s hear it for the hummy
Happy bee

I’m not talking home made jammy
Or of fish paste that is clammy
Or exotic spreads quite yammy
But about that double whammy
By the bee

Other folk begin to cheer-up
For a dose of golden syrup
Or a cup drunk at the stirrup
No a buzz will prick my ear up
It’s a bee

You all think that I’ve gone funny
Writing verse that’s badly punny
But give me a little money
And I’ll go and buy some honey
From a bee!!!

Author notes

I just ate a delicious slice of home made bread toasted and covered with honey from a local bee keeper, it was wonderful