Poetry by Jeff Green


The Oyster Roister

by cricketjeff on September 25, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

What noise annoys an oyster?
Just the clamouring of clams,
When the scallops start to roister
Or the clattering of trams?

Are barnacles all barmy
And do winkles wock and woll?
Are there mussels in the army
Making jokes and sounding droll?

When the sea shells start their shouting
Are there riots on the beach?
Are there conch shells on an outing
And do cockles love to screech?

Though these other shells may boister
Any fuss they cause is small,
It’s an oyster that a noise-ster
It’s the loudest shell of all!!!

Author notes

” A noisy noise annoys an oyster” was a line by Dr Suess, I think as a caption to a cartoon.