Poetry by Jeff Green


Another Autumn

by cricketjeff on September 25, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

After soft September sunlight teased the nearly turning trees
And the gatherings of swallows drew their patterns in the breeze,
There was passionfruit for plucking and still hazelnuts to share,
As a scent of fruit and bonfires filled the early evening air.

In September summer’s ending, as it’s ending now for me,
Will my Autumn be as fruitful as the garden’s seems to be?

There’s a half Moon sinking slowly through the graduated sky,
Shining silver on her kingdom as we bid the day goodbye,
There are blackberries and damsons and sweet apples by the score,
As the Autumn in her hurry pushes Summer out the door.

There are changes in the season that seem mirrored in my soul,
Will the future be as tasty as these fruits that fill my bowl?

In the months before the winter Earth will dress herself in gold
Many mysteries and marvels choose this season to unfold.
As the lambs and fawns of springtime find the time to come of age
A maturer Mother Nature takes her place on centre stage.

In the Autumn of a lifetime are there wonders still for me,
Are the fruits I’ve yet to harvest filled with love and poetry?