Poetry by Jeff Green


I wanna die

by cricketjeff on September 26, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

I wanna die on a cold Monday morning
Not on a Friday at four
So I can miss out on the toils that are yawning
Not on the things I adore
I wanna die after nights filled with passion
Not when she’s gonna say yes
A beautiful death may be all of the fashion
But I wanna die in a mess
I wanna die when I’m tired of living
Nothing left I wanna do
Don’t wanna die when the gifts I’m still giving
Could bring me closer to you

I wanna die when the Sun has forgotten
Days should be golden and light
Don’t wanna live if the weather’s all rotten
The Moon doesn’t shine through the night
I wanna die after living forever
Filling the years up with fun
Not when the auguries think it is clever
To sacrifice my number one
I wanna die when my friends are contented
Not when there’s things I could do
I’ll still wanna live if I could be cemented
Into a place nearer you

I wanna die when it’s not cricket season
Can’t hear a bat on a ball
I don’t want to stop when I still have a reason
Cursing the luck of them all
I wanna die when I’ve finished my business
Not in the midst of a deal
I wanna die when I’m flat out of fizzness
Not when the prospects are real
I wanna die, no I think that I’m lying
I’m spitting my words out on cue
Oh bugger it all I don’t wanna start dying
I just want to live next to you

Author notes

4th prompt – http://allpoetry.com/poem/5687075 a poem by chael

When I Die

When I die
I want to die in the middle
Of doing something I hate
For that would be a blessing
‘Cause if I died in the middle
Of doing something I love
Then that would be a drag

chael 09