Poetry by Jeff Green


I love a candy girl

by cricketjeff on November 17, 2007.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Sweet as honey Candy girl!
You have my taste buds in a whirl
I really love to suck and lick
I must unwrap you double quick
I love a candy girl!

Lollipops and lips so red
I wish I had you in my bed.
I’d feed you sweets and fruits so rare
And love you like my teddy bear.
I love a candy girl!

The way you taste will drive my lust
And keep me seeking what I must.
I’ll give you all the love you crave
We’ll be each other’s passion slave.
I love a candy girl!

Kissing Candy, tasting sweet
You make my whole world seem complete.
Kissing every part of you
In every way you want me to.
I love a candy girl!

Down to action, kissing done,
It’s sweet to start the real fun.
Smooth and juicy, sticky too
It seems I’ve made a sweet of you.
I love a candy girl!

Sugar coated, chocolate filled
The action keeps out bodies thrilled.
You taste and feel like chocolate sauce
Warm and brandy-filled of course!
I love a candy girl!

All is spent, an empty box.
No more loving, no more chocs
But we can bask in aftertaste
And keep each other nicely placed
I’ve loved my Candy girl!

Author notes

The Candy/candy difference is deliberate.