Poetry by Jeff Green


Final days of Summer

by cricketjeff on September 26, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Give me reasons to be happy in these final Summer days
With a vision that you’re smiling though the soft September haze
When the sunshine brings the morning streaming golden through your hair
You must shine just like an angel and I wish that I was there

Bring me answers to the questions that make life a tricky game
When the sun makes leaves look golden is your pretty face to blame
There are trails of planes like borders on a sky of Wedgwood blue
And I stand here wrapped in sunshine wishing I was near to you

Little children chasing dachshunds round my next door neighbours lawn
And the robin has been singing since an hour before the dawn
There are passionfruits and apples and I’ve picked the final pear
As I walk around the garden wishing you were everywhere

When today has paid you dearly and the evening holds you tight
Settle down beside your loved ones and drink wine into the night
And if maybe as you daydream you hear lines of poetry
You will raise your glass of laughter and then drink a toast with me