Poetry by Jeff Green


To a friend

by cricketjeff on September 27, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Make me smile when all around me there are sad and frowning eyes,
    Make me laugh when laughter’s miles and miles away.
Bring me kisses when I’m lonely, be my friend through painful sighs,
    Just be there to sprinkle sunshine on my day.

Bring me joy in rainy weather, take my hand to face the world;
    Please don’t look across my head and walk on past.
If it seems that I am weeping please don’t leave me tightly curled,
    Be my brakes when everything goes by too fast.

I’ll be there for you, unlooked for, be your guard against the storm;
    I would fight against a dragon by your side.
If a blizzard blows inside you I’ll be there to keep you warm,
    If you see me please don’t ever try to hide.

There are days when skies are leaden, there are seas to rough to sail,
If we face them all together then I know we’ll never fail.