Poetry by Jeff Green


I won’t

by cricketjeff on September 27, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

In the sky outside my window hung a waxing gibbous moon
    And the constellations smiled and whirled away
I sat staring at a teacup filled with gloomy afternoon
    Till I realised I’d wasted half the day
Although other people’s problems are as real as all my own
I can’t let them make me dismal while I sit here all alone

So I went into the garden, and I whispered to the sky
    Asked if she would send my friends a glass of love
Went inside and started smiling since she promised she would try
    To spread a little hope from high above
To my friends; please know I love you, you can call me night or day
But although I’ll try to help you please don’t take the stars away

I will help you with a burden, I will share the largest load
    I shall never walk away from where you stand
I can’t leave you going nowhere I will help you find your road
    But there’s something that I hope you’ll understand
If you’re in a hole still digging I won’t stay and dig with you
But I’ll help you find a ladder and some better things to do