Poetry by Jeff Green


Moon Dreams

by cricketjeff on September 28, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Moon Dreams —
You left me floating down the river
Moon dreams —
Reflecting slowly on the sea
Left you —
With just a tendency to shiver
Left me —
With only hope and memory
Moon dreams —
When we walked and talked together
Moon dreams —
I can’t forget a single day
All gone —
With the winds and sunny weather
No more —
There’s no reason left to stay

Just those isolated Moon dreams
Floating down the river
Moon dreams —
Floating down to you
All I ever see is Moon dreams
When all I wanna see is you

Author notes

OK, so it’s just rubbish

But when I read your list of Miles Davis titles I got as far as Moon Dreams and heard this in my mind.

Had to go and find the album and play the rest, and this misses out a whole section, but still evokes the song in my head …