Poetry by Jeff Green


I can’t write

by cricketjeff on September 30, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

I settled down to writing,
      started pushing words around
But they would keep on fighting,
      and they beat me to the ground
They would not stay in meter
      yet they were not fresh and free
You’d think that I could beat a
      little bit of poetry

The water softly lapping
    always sends me off to sleep
And while I lay there napping
    (very glad it wasn’t deep)
I chased a case of rhyming
    through the darkness of my mind
But soon I found the timing
    had quite left my muse behind

A love song seemed appealing
    but romance had washed away
I tried to be revealing
    all about the world today
But nothing good was forming
    each attempt was looking worse
Until I started warming
    to this little nonsense verse

No cod philosophising
    (as some other people write)
No rabbles roused or rising
    to take on the people’s fight
I can’t get hot and steamy
    though I wish that wasn’t true!
I could get soft and dreamy
    and write down a piece of you

But no, I’m busy yawning
    I’ll shall take myself to bed
And sleep till day starts dawning
    living life inside my head
Give up all thought of writing
    thoughts of pushing words around
Tomorrow they’ll stop fighting
    and I’ll stand on firmer ground!!!