Poetry by Jeff Green


Make a pot of tea

by cricketjeff on October 2, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

It was early in the morning, and the sun was still in bed,
But a thought was most insistent ringing deep inside my head;
So I struggled with the covers even though I could not see
And I walked down to the kitchen where I made a pot of tea.

I was working on a poem but the words would not align,
There was something that I needed to complete the grand design;
So I hurried for the potion that would set my musings free,
I just walked into the kitchen where I made a pot of tea.

Once, when walking on a mountain, it was Scafell Pike I think,
I was shocked when I discovered we had nothing left to drink;
So we hurried to the hostel in a village by the sea,
Where we walked into the kitchen and we made a pot of tea.

After D-Day, where the British, and some other races too,
Had to fight to gain the beaches from the nasty Nazi crew.
There were long hard days of fighting for the truth and liberty
Then they walked into the kitchen and they made a pot of tea.

All throughout the years of empire men of stature and aplomb
Have brought Britain to the jungles (and the trenches of the Somme)
And in every little corner where they found themselves to be
They have walked into the kitchen where they made a pot of tea.

When we ran away at Dunkirk, at the rout of Singapore,
We were backed against the barbed-wire and our hearts were on the floor;
But the magic of these islands was refined to a degree,
So we found ourselves a kitchen and we made a pot of tea.

Now I’ve settled for the evening, and my mind has turned to mush,
Found my week of work and worry has completed in a rush;
There was just one further duty that I did not want to flee,
I set off into the kitchen and I made a pot of tea.

I am English, and I’m British, I’m now settled in my ways
And I shall not be diverted to that foreign coffee craze.
I drink wine and I drink brandy but when acting truthfully
I’d prefer to find a kitchen and to make a pot of tea!