Poetry by Jeff Green


Everlasting unrequited

by cricketjeff on October 3, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

In the half-remembered promise of a half-forgotten dream
      You were waiting for his call before you left
In the distance of tomorrow you may almost hear a scream
      When you are gone and I am here, bereft
Though I knew you’d never love me, in the deepest part of me
I was hoping for a sea-change that could end my certainty

In your eyes I saw his image all his boasts and hidden flaws
      But I saw that you saw his and not my face
I have pushed aside the hurting where such knowledge always gnaws
      And pretended I could one day take his place
There is lust and there is loving there is friendship and there’s more
I could never hope to keep you from the one that you adore

Now in years when you’re a mem’ry and I find another heart
      Maybe eyes will look in mine and see just you
For although you’ll never love me I shall always play the part
      Of a man who thinks goodbye can mean adieu
When I met you I was beaten I was lost and I was found
I shall live inside your footsteps where I’m worshiping the ground