Poetry by Jeff Green


What is love?

by cricketjeff on October 3, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

True love is never rational nor sane
It’s not a calculation based on fact
True love is more a little bit of pain
Attached to far too much of raw attract

So don’t expect a lover’s heart to see
Beyond the walls that love itself has built
It feels as though a love has set you free
But far more often locks you in with guilt

And though I know that love is nothing real
And never pays the bills it makes you run
It’s still the only thing I want to feel
And now and then it’s bucket loads of fun!

So screw the fact I know it isn’t true
I want to hear you whisper “I love you”

Author notes

Before anyone moans, this is a POEM it is not what I feel!!!