Poetry by Jeff Green


Who but a fool

by cricketjeff on October 4, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Who but a fool believes it’s right to fight?
Yet wartime sees the finest acts of men,
When evil men propose that “might is right”
The best of all must take up arms again.

Who but a fool will thrill when forced to kill?
A crime against the likes of you and me,
We have to still this human need to spill
The blood of those who chose not to agree.

Small boys hold toys that celebrate the noise,
And pretty girls admire a uniform,
They find their joys in action that destroys,
And all admire the beauty of the storm.

Our rules teach youths they should be better fools –
But we’re the fools who gave our youths these rules.

If we’re the fools who gave our youths these rules
Then we can learn to teach another way;
Make better rules so we create no fools
And we can live not fight another day.

The greatest deed is fighting dreadful need,
Look to the stars to prove our bravery.
Abandon greed there’s better things to feed,
The end of war could end our slavery.

Our past should show these wars must be our last,
Through history we’ve seen that war’s a waste.
We must act fast or we will be surpassed –
We have to change or see ourselves replaced.

When evil men propose that “might is right”
Don’t be the fool who thinks it right to fight.

Author notes

I am not too sure about this, the internal rhymes, the linked sonnets, do they add anything?

Would I do better to stop at the first sonnet?
I’ll re-read it later may then start again.