Poetry by Jeff Green


Summer’s gone

by cricketjeff on October 5, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

No mists and mellow fruitfulness but windfalls in the wet
        And leaves that fall are marched into a mush
October ends the summer in a season of regret
        As workers look for shelter through the rush

The songbirds just a week ago sang hymns toward the sun
        And flirted with each other in the trees
Now cower on sheltered branches and forget about the fun
        Escaping rain that’s sprinkled in the breeze

The pub is warm and cosy and I’ve bought us each a drink
        So snuggle here the rain is far away
You hair is filled with gold-dust and your freckles make me think
        Of how you love a sunny Summer day

I can’t feel warm and happy when I’m walking in the rain
But I’m not cold and soaking when I’m in your arms again