Poetry by Jeff Green


Each night I write a letter

by cricketjeff on October 6, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Each night I write a letter to the owner of my heart
      A letter I shall never try to send
I try to write my feelings but I haven’t got the art
      To make a perfect lover from a friend

Each night I find my heartstrings stretched around the silver Moon
      But only write a pretty phrase or two
I want to sound like Shakespeare not an ignorant buffoon
      I need the words to make the world brand new

Tonight I’ll write a sonnet filled with love in every line
      Then read my words aloud to no-one there
Perhaps they’ll sound like laughter with a taste of summer wine
        And finally I’ll find the strength to dare

To send my love a letter that will never change her mind
        Though maybe she will see the way I feel
I’ve told her she’s the only girl I’d ever want to find
        But I’ll love her as my friend if that’s the deal