Poetry by Jeff Green


Yellow Stars

by cricketjeff on October 8, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

I’m sitting here in silence watching London’s yellow stars
That stretch away as far as I can see.
The stationary street lights marshal moving streaks of cars
Ten million lights are looking back at me.
Above me in the heavens all the constellations fade
Misusing man’s inventiveness has put them in the shade

I love to stand on mountain tops beneath the jewel filled skies
Where starlight drips like laughter in a stream
And marvel how these ancient lights now dance before my eyes
While London’s glow is just a distant dream
The river of the milky way forgotten from my home
Is filled with nature’s fairy lights with aeons left to roam

In London or on Lakelands’s hills the Moon is still in charge
We can’t outshine the lady of the night
Though hanging over Bassenthwaite it seems she’s twice as large
And more than twice as beautifully bright
Clear nights like this across the World see fools who stand and stare
But far above our wondering eyes the stars don’t know nor care