Poetry by Jeff Green


Badly planned!

by cricketjeff on October 10, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

It’s important to be cunning if you want to catch a bird
So I snuck up on this table and I didn’t say a word
But although I was so careful as I pushed my scheme along
Just a moment after starting I knew something had gone wrong

I’ve been planning this for ages watching robins come and go
Never seeing any species more imposing than a crow
So I’m puzzled to my whiskers why today I have to meet
An old eagle like a dragon who wants pussy cat to eat

Every time I stretch my paws out or my tail decides to wave
There are talons large as lions and I’m really not that brave
So I’m stuck here on the table hiding underneath this roof
And I’m hoping that my owner built this table Eagle-proof

It’s eleven in the morning they’ll be home by half past six
When I’m sure they’ll find I’m missing and come out to end my fix
Can I really sit in silence keeping still not getting fed
By the moment of my rescue I may find that I am dead

Stupid birds who look so tasty may have won the fight today
I’ll be back with other tactics after I have got away
They’ll be my tomorrow’s dinner or I’m not a fat black cat
But next time I raid this table I will wear an iron hat!!!