Poetry by Jeff Green


Friday night

by cricketjeff on November 18, 2007.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Open the door, quietly in
See you asleep, but our fun can begin
Off with the covers, to see you lie there
You are flat on your back and totally bare

You aren’t awake before I’m naked too
I’ve climbed on the bed and I’m entering you
Together we roll so you are on top
You’re hardly awake but you’re yelling don’t stop

Spin you around so I see your arse
You offer a target that’s too good to pass
Spanks raining down as you bounce on my cock
You start to shake from the pleasure and shock

Collapse after cumming but we will not end
We’re here for the night not a quickie my friend
I kneel behind and resume without stopping
I’m rapidly heading for fizzing and popping

Now wide awake you spin round as I’m cumming
You want me back hard so we can play bumming
Sucking and licking and swallowing cream
In just a few seconds I’m back at full steam

Spreading your cheeks you demand that I take you
If you hadn’t asked then you know I would make you
Almost as soon as I’m into the root
You buck and you jerk and you urge me to shoot

Pulling your hair I force deeper in you
Just like the time when I managed to win you
Moaning and yelling is the song we have sung
We stop all the noise when we kiss tongue to tongue

I ought to take longer but we both are rising
The speed of the climax is very surprising
Staying within you I sprawl on your back
Building my strength for another attack

All through the small hours our passion increases
Peak after peak and the love never ceases
Strength in the end just fades towards morning
Nothing else rises as daylight is dawning

The alarm clock is sounding, but neither is stirred
I wake up at last but my vision is blurred
Kill the alarm, get back in the covers
No need to move, the weekend’s for lovers