Poetry by Jeff Green


A busy day with Jake

by cricketjeff on October 13, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

With two tin cans and a length of string there’s nothing he can’t do
His troops can hear every word he says and then he’s phoning you
His best friend Jake has brought his bike some cars and a cardboard box
The garden shed is the squad HQ and its flag is a pair of socks

At ten past two the Martians land and try to take control
So he grabs his can and he calls a strike from the teddy bear patrol
His best friend Jake climbs on his bike and mounts a headlong charge
He’s side by side with a dinosaur and an Action Man called Sarge

The Martians break, their rocket tree is blasting off for Mars
While he calls pursuit in his spaceman suit and a fleet of old toy cars
Now his best friend Jake on his bright red bike can stay around for tea
But first of all they must make a call booking tea for two at three

There are two tin cans joining man to the Moon where they’re eating chips and cheese
And there’s Woof Dog too and a cat or two and it’s really quite a squeeze
Since his best friend Jake won’t leave his bike that is parked right by the side
Of the cardboard box that is on the Moon where the first tin can is tied

When it’s time for bed he won’t hear you call if it’s not down can and string
But you’ll have to wait while they land their crate that is packed with everything
Soon his best friend Jake rides home by bike (since he only lives next door)
No more time for play till another day when they’ll do a whole lot more!

Author notes

For Americans “Action Man” is what “GI Joe” is called in the UK.