Poetry by Jeff Green



by cricketjeff on October 14, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Two particles entangled are as intimate as one
Reveal the first, the second does the same
But while they hide the physics tends to have a little fun
It plays us in a sort of quantum game

When unobserved a particle is neither there nor not
Superposition means both yes and no
Until you look you cannot know exactly what you’ve got
And once you’ve looked the whole thing goes on show

A quantum calculator knows the answer to all sums
You simply have to sort the numbers out
Would Quantum rock musicians play the keyboard and the drums
And strum guitar while singing in a shout?

When Schrödinger conceived his cat some people thought him mad
But now it seems the World is built this way
It makes you long for certainties that scientists once had
Till Heisenberg uncertainly held sway

Black holes the size of atoms and a plasma dancing jigs
Neutrinos do the things we think they don’t
There’s Hawking radiation and there may just be the Higgs
At CERN we’ll find the answers, or we won’t

Are superstrings dimensionless are well all holograms
Dark energy or just a cosmic trick
I sit and read the science press and all you’ll hear are DAMNs
The speed of change now really makes me sick!!!!

Author notes

Sometimes you look for answers only to discover you don’t even understand the questions!