Poetry by Jeff Green


To the lady with the short skirt and confident air …

by cricketjeff on October 16, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Is it painful to be gorgeous, filling men up with desires?
When you light a man’s libido are you burnt by passion’s fires?
Does the fact the sun gets jealous make you wish to douse your flame?
Will you ever find an answer to your place inside the game?

Are you in the least remorseful for the hearts you break each day?
Do you wonder how they manage when you take their hope away?
Is there any point in asking how it feels to look like you?
Do you know the way men see you in the normal things you do?

Do you wonder in the evening, as you settle down to read,
Will you ever find a partner who can match your every need,
Who will understand the question that must drift around your head
“Is there anybody out there who’s as good as me in bed?”