Poetry by Jeff Green


We are the dreamers

by cricketjeff on October 19, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

We are the dreamers, the moulders of words,
The lovers of beauty, the artists supreme.
We paint the flowers, teach love songs to birds;
We wrote the script of your most perfect dream.

We are the bastards, the breakers of hearts.
Who but a poet can tear down a mind?
We are the doctors, the masters of arts,
The best and the worst that this world’s left behind.

We are the conscience, the clowns and the fools,
True mirrors of all that society plays.
We are the makers and breakers of rules –
Give us your nights and we’ll give you our days

Poets paint pictures with words in a line,
Words are so human but define the divine.

Author notes

This poured into my head as I was falling asleep so it is probably full of typos, had to put it down before I disappeared